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Sales Service Hotline:0532-58758333


YHP-420 Intelligent Distribution Area Terminal Monitoring Equipment


Product Name:YHP-420 Intelligent Distribution Area Terminal Monitoring Equipment

Product Overview

YHP-420 intelligent distribution area terminal monitoring equipment is installed on the side of meter box, to collect the real-time information of the device at the box side, switch position information, and the voltage value of installation point, and through the broadband power carrier, it has the ability of comprehensive analysis on LV operation conditions, active sending of alarm information, and real-time interrogation of measuring point information.

Main Features

Analogue acquisition

Input state quantity acquisition

Three - phase unbalanced governance function.environmental status monitoring function

Data recording and remote transmission function.maintenance function

Data statistics function.local display function and time matching function

Safety protection

Configured with such three models as basic model.extended model and integrated model