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Sales Service Hotline:0532-58758333




Product Name:Railbot

Product Overview

Intelligent monitoring system equipped with on-line infrared temperature measurement monitors data (data by infrared temperature measuring, high-definition visible image, video), and using optical fiber, transmits such data to the station monitoring center in a real-time manner. Also, it can perform an on-line analysis on the temperature trends of key equipment and lines, to improve staff's ability to anticipate equipment defects and handle them in a timely manner.

Main Features

Two Installation modes

Video display function

Image storage and playback function

Video analysis and interaction function

Equipment control function

Alarm function

Function of forming a long-term temperature variation curve for monitoring equipment

Cloud platform monitoring path setting function

Generating temperature curve

Real-time simultaneous display function for multi-channel infrared and visible light

Hot spot alarm function

Monitoring scope and monitoring objects