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Sales Service Hotline:0532-58758333


GCK Combined Low Voltage Draw-Out Switchgear


Product Name:GCK Combined Low Voltage Draw-Out Switchgear

Product Overview

GCK combined low voltage draw-out switchgear is a new cabinet type switchgear jointly designed by the original Ministry of Electric Power and Ministry of Machinery. This product has promoted the technical progress in low voltage distribution industry in China. It is advanced, practical and economical.

Main Features

It is a localized renewal product which has been promoted all over China. As to single cabinet drawer type switchgear. five sizes are available. including 1/4 unit.1/2 unit.1 unit. 2 units and 3 units

The drawers in function units of the same specification can be exchanged easily. The drawer of 1/2 unit is connected to the cable chamber with a back plate type connector

The drawer of unit is connected to the cable chamber with a bar type connector

There are clear signs on the drawer panel to indicate the closing and opening locations and the drawer is provided with mechanical interlocking devices.