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Multipurpose (Wind and Solar Energy Storage) Supplementary Energy Storage Solution

In facing the global increasing energy demand and environmental pressure, only the renewable energy sources can be utilized permanently. However, they are limited by the instability and discontinuity of distributed power generation. Assembly of cell energy storage system is the most efficient way to solve this issue. It can solve the power consumption problem for people in non-electric regions, and further realize renewable energy sources large-scale energy storage and micro-grid application.

As the leader of wind and solar energy storage and micro-grid technologies, we provide users intelligent micro-grid solution. Micro-grid has been widely promoted in recent. The energy storage equipment is generally configured in the micro-grid and shall play a value role in self-generation, self-consumption and electricity sales. The intelligent micro-grid is based on the distributed power generation 0 technology to realize small modular and distributed power supply network for electric power load and power quality management on the user side. It can also realize integrated operation of internal power supply and load, smooth access to the primary grid or independent automatic operation through coordination and control with the primary grid, thus satisfying the requirement of users of reliable and safe distributed power access, power quality and power supply.

  • Core Competence

    1Support verified energy power generation solution to supplement mutually, thus solving multi-scene power utilization issue.

    2Reduce line loss arising from remote power transmission and various issues relating to stability

    3Postpone the continuous expansion of power grid incurred by ever increasing load

    4Reduce power supply cost, adjust electricity price

    5Reduce emission of various carbides, thus realizing greening and environmental protection

    6Develop renewable new energy sources and improve comprehensive utilization ratio of energy

  • Wind and Solar Energy Supplementary Power Generation System - Reliable Power Supply Solution for Non-electric Regions

    Wind and solar energy supplementary power generation system (500W-10MW) enables independent power generation of new energy sources become reality. The wind and solar energy supplementary (equipped with energy storage cell) power generation system can be adopted to better solve the intermittence and instability of wind and solar energy. It can be further used to realize on-grid/off-grid application of new energy power generation and facilitate the large power grid to extend to the remote regions for normal residential electricity consumption.

  • Advantages of Micro-grid System

    1Set up micro-grid system to realize operation independent and grid-connected

    2Provide specific control strategy

    3Overcome the negative effect incurred by fluctuation, randomness and intermittence of new energy power generation

    4Reduce the impact of large-scale new energy sources on the power system

    5On-grid/off-grid operation, and seamless switching

    6Integrate maximum PV power trace, storage energy charge and discharge and inverting control

    7Complete energy management system

Industrial and Commercial On-grid/Off-grid Energy Storage System Solution

The solar on-grid/off-grid energy storage system has been widely applied to the places where there is large difference between peak and valley prices or frequent power outage. The system comprises PV array composed of solar cell module, combiner box, solar on-grid/off-grid all-in-one machine, storage battery, wind driven generator, load, power grid, etc. With sunlight, the PV array can be used to convert the solar energy into electricity under the sunlight, supply power to the load via the solar control inverting all-in-one machine, at the same time, charge the storage battery and transmit residual electricity to the power grid; with no sunlight, it can be used to supply power to the load by the power grid; in case of power outage, supply power to the load by the storage cell via inverting all-in-one machine.

System Composition

Solar Cell ModuleIt serves as a major part of the solar power supply system, and also as the highest priced component of the solar power supply system, and its effect is to convert solar radiation energy into DC electricity;
Solar on-grid/off-grid all-in-one machineIts main function is divided into two parts: MPPT solar controller and bidirectional DC/AC converter, and its effect is to adjust and control the electricity generated by solar cell, charge the storage cell, and protect the storage cell against over-discharge and over-discharge. And meanwhile, it can be used to invert the DC current of the module and storage cell into AC current and supply to the AC load, and the power grid can be also used to charge the storage cell if appropriate.
Storage batteryIts main task is to store energy so as to guarantee power consumption of the load in case of power outage.

On-grid/off-grid PV Energy Storage Power Generation System Diagram

Characteristics of the system

1Strong immunity of micro-grid operation from interference;

2Maximum consumption of new energy source on the spot;

3Optimum efficiency of use of storage cell;

4 Reduce impact of new energy source access on power grid

5 Humanized alarm function and complete on-line protection function;

6Remote intelligent monitoring and management.

7Real-time monitor various operating data of the energy storage unit, energy storage branch and energy storage circuit, conduct correlation analysis, provide data diagnosis and analysis and decision function; on-line analyze cell string, cell stack, PCS and circuit warning, fault signal, potential impact on energy storage system, timely remind staffs to pay attention and adopt countermeasures in advance.

8Overcome the negative effect incurred by fluctuation, randomness and intermittence of new energy power generation

9Optimize dispatching: optimize dispatching decision function, and active and reactive control function. According to the superior power grid dispatch instruction, determine the charge and discharge power, coordinate with each energy storage circuit and energy storage branch to conduct power distribution, consider the impact of fault circuit, and optimize active and reactive dispatching strategy.

Application Occasion

1New energy power generation for commercial buildings and industrial zones

2Regions where there is no electricity or power grid is unstable; telecommunication base station, island power supply;

3Load demand and UPS application having high requirements for power grid;

4Regions where the difference between the peak and valley prices is outstanding;

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