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Sales Service Hotline:0532-58758333



The global energy crisis and environmental deterioration are caused by rapid growth of industry and overdevelopment of natural resources. The utilization of renewable energy, especially solar photovoltaic (PV), is conducive to easing the energy crisis and environmental deterioration. To develop the PV causes and realize the sustainable development of society and economy, this is exactly the mission of Qingdao Yihe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yihe New Energy”).

Clean Energy

Distributed PV Power Station

The “distributed PV power station” maintains the principles of “local power generation, local synchronization, local conversion and local use”. It not only can effectively increase the generated energy of PV power stations with the same size, but also can effectively solve the loss problems of electric power during boosting and long-distance power transmission at the same time. Due to high energy utilization ratio and flexible construction mode, it will become the main direction of PV application in China.

Yihe New Energy constructs PV power stations with contribution by renting idle roofs of enterprises and public institutions. For the enterprises and public institutions, they not only can enjoy roof rental fee or energy-saving service of tariff discount, but also can reduce the direct shine of sun to roof and increase the roof lifetime to contribute to social environmental protection.

Enterprise Advantages

Complete enterprise qualification and certificate

Yihe New Energy owns Work Safety License, Grade-III License of Installation (Maintenance and Test) Contracting of Power Facilities, Grade-III Qualification for Discipline Contracting of Power Transmission and Transformation Project and other qualifications as well as Grade-C Qualification for Power Transmission and Transformation Design, and was awarded with 2016 Certificate of Honor of Outstanding Enterprise for Solar PV Power Station Design as well as Certificate of Qualification for Solar PV Power Generation Engineering Design and Construction Enterprise Qualification Training issued by the General Secretariat of China Solar Industry Development Research Society.

Innovative product supporting capacity of power station

PV grid-connected circuit breaker protection through independent research and development has bi-directional protection function, short-circuit instantaneous and long delay protection function, shunt trip and undervoltage tripping function, to meet the requirements of fast and reliable fault-clearing during whole line fault, to make the PV grid-connected system safer and more reliable.

First-class PV design capability

Establish stable PV design basis relying on many years’ product design capability and electric power engineering design capability of Yihe.

Normative operation and maintenance capability

Inherit specific experience on power operation and maintenance of system power grid for many years of Yihe, increase the operation and maintenance module of PV system component, realize the standardization, institutionalization and intensification of PV O&M, and provide efficient PV system O&M capability.

Innovative one-stop service

Simplify the operation process and the complicated and tedious working process. Yihe New Energy takes full responsibility for project exploration, scheme working-out, project application, construction and installation, and power station operation.