Sales Service Hotline:0532-58758333


Sales Service Hotline:0532-58758333


Intelligent Operation and Maintenance Service

Yihe, by its O&M services, aims to provide power consumers with safe, high-efficiency and convenient intelligent substation O&M services and energy management solutions. At present, Yihe has a new multi-function remote control center and “YH9000 remote intelligent substation O&M platform” developed independently. Based on the platform and in combination with intelligent technology, Internet+, and big data, Yihe innovates its service system for substation. Also, through data analysis, we realize safe, energy-saving, and high-efficiency intelligent power consumption management and a new service mode of "Internet + maintaining agent management".

Yihe conducts maintaining agent management for the contracted customers' substations through centralized monitoring, centralized patrol inspections, centralized operations, and centralized management. The operating status, signals, and operation data of the substation can be remotely transmitted to remote control center through communication equipment. Then, the platform system performs a big data analysis through expert system, to determine the operating status of the equipment, so as to discover potential hidden dangers and defects in the equipment in time, and pre-judge and give early warning for the faults.

On-line monitoring: 24-hour on-line and remote centralized monitoring on substations of all contracted customers within the service network. In case of any abnormal signals, warnings, and faults in distribution room, notify the O&M team in the service area to check and handle these problems in the room in time, so as to ensure that the distribution room can be in a safe state even in an unattended state.

Offline O&M: A 24-hour O&M team is established based on the area radius, responsible for the daily inspection and maintenance, power outage and transmission, and accident handling for the contracted customers' substations in the area. In case of any alarms and faults in the substations, the team can accept the dispatch of the remote control center, and can rush to the site within 30 minutes to perform troubleshooting and resume power transmission in time.

24-hour remote real-time monitoring and professional operation and maintenance team for emergency makes the operation and maintenance services safer and more reliable!
The operation and maintenance for the power transformation and distribution station is mobile, and the operation status is monitored at any time. The power management is more convenient and more worry-free!
Equipment faults can be pre-warned to reduce the loss resulting from power outages, and energy is utilized in a more efficient and energy-saving manner!

Installation and Test Service

The company possesses Grade-III Qualification for Discipline Contracting of Power Transmission and Transformation Project, Grade-III Qualification for General Contracting of Power Project Construction awarded by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Grade-III License of Installation (Maintenance and Test) Contracting issued by National Energy Administration, as well as Work Safety License. Also, Yihe is capable of undertaking power construction projects of 110kV and below. The company has a perfect project management system, and strong technical personnel reserve, providing the personnel for all types of work. In addition, all personnel taken their posts with certificates, and construction equipment and safety tools and equipment are complete. Whether in strength of hardware and software or installation performance, Yihe takes leading position in same industry, and is recognized by power supply companies and construction contractors in all regions, and establishes a good relationship of trust and cooperation with them.

The company has a professional construction team for distribution room installation, line construction, PV installation and other projects. At the same time, 3 test teams are set up, which can independently carry out test services, and undertake the handover and preventive tests of electrical equipment of 110kV and below in the area. Each test team is equipped with perfect test equipment and conducts calibration/test for the equipment with third-party testing organizations every year. The professional technical ability and enthusiastic service attitude of the test team have won the trust of power supply departments and companies in all regions.

EPC Integration

The company has a Grade-C Qualification for Discipline Design of Power Transmission and Transformation Project (power transformation, power transmission and power distribution) issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China (MOHURD), and has a strong design team and comprehensive design capability for engineering project. Relying on the advanced technology resources and independent equipment production capabilities in the Group's manufacturing, and taking the service industry as a platform, Yihe provides customers with EPC solutions for construction projects and demonstrates a EPC operation mode with Yihe characteristics.

As an electric power service expert, Yihe always adheres to the tenet of “service is an extension of product” and has complete qualification certification for various professional service projects. The company can provide customers with such services as early-stage scheme consultation, application and initiation of project, design, scheme optimization, purchasing, manufacturing, installation, acceptance test, power transmission for operation, repair and maintenance, professional training for electric power, and financial leasing. In addition, the EPC operation mode can achieve a win-win outcome.

Education and Training

Yihe Vocational Training School

Yihe Vocational Training School is a vocational training school invested by Yihe Electric Group. At present, the school has 3000 square meters of exam training classroom and accommodation apartment. It has first-class training equipment for disciplines such as electrical engineering and welding, and employs several experts and college professors for teaching. Since its foundation, the school has been committed to improving the professional quality of all kinds of employees in the West Coast New Area and providing professional training for all kinds of employees. It recruits students from the society and strives to make contribution to the vocational training in West Coast New Area.

Major Introduction

"Certificate for High Voltage Electrician (Entry Card), Low Voltage Electrician, Explosion-proof Electric Power, Power Cable, Relay Protection, Electrical Test Operation and Welder Special operation", "Certificate for Corporate Responsible Person and Safety Personnel" of State Administration of Work Safety

"Certificate for Junior, Intermediate Electricians, Welders, Pastry Masters and Nursery" of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

"Certificate for Special Equipment Safety Management Personnel of Pressure Vessels, Pressure Pipes, Crane and Forklift Drivers" of Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

Strong-strong Collaboration for New Training Area

Yihe Vocational Training School and the Qingdao Branch of China Quality Certification Center signed a cooperation agreement in Yihe Group. The two parties, adhering to the principle of equality & mutual benefit and mutual support, reach a long-term strategic cooperation in training services and technical support in the field of quality service, to achieve resource sharing and common development, and to establish a solid foundation for future cooperation on other projects.